A Series Of Down Endings

by Our Stars Are Sneakers

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Zack This record is dreamy and raw and you have no reason not to purchase this record Favorite track: Understanding.
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these are songs i wrote during my first winter in pittsburgh (plus one kendall wrote, an earlier version of which inspired this project). they are, basically, about losing people.



released September 6, 2011

Our Stars Are Sneakers is a loose-knit musical collective spearheaded by Lily Molloy (serpentine.bandcamp.com) and Kendall Sharpe (cacciato.bandcamp.com). Lily wrote most of the songs on this release. Kendall wrote the song 'A Series Of Down Endings,' which he originally performed with the band Science Fair. Lily played most of the guitar, except on the song 'A Series Of Down Endings,' which Kendall played. Lily sang most of the vocals. Kendall did the screaming on 'Hope Your Name,' 'A Series Of Down Endings,' and 'Falling Apart.' Lily and Kendall programmed the drums with help from Chase Miller. Britt Waters sang on 'Hope Your Name' and 'Falling Apart.' She wrote her own melodies. Alex Manescu contributed to the gang vocals on the song 'A Series Of Down Endings,' eventually. Dan Anderson of the band Trunks & Tales mastered this release. You can contact the band via angstjock@gmail.com. Our internet presence is based at ourstarsaresneakers.bandcamp.com. Our physical presence is based in Pennsylvania. Thanks for listening, we hope you get something from it.




Our Stars Are Sneakers Pennsylvania

pan-pennsylvanian emo-pop supergroup

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Track Name: The Lake Effect
Sun dimmer than a streetlight in the mist and I'm grayer than the gutter snow. I find myself wandering and pissed at everything that I was taught to know. We deserve better than we're ever gonna get. The lake effect is taking me for all I'm worth and I can barely breathe all winter. Melt me down before I freeze. Pour me in any shape you need. Take refuge in the warm side of the bed, fingers clinging tight. These days I barely find the strength to lift my sorry head. Sing the fading light. We deserve nothing and that's what we're gonna get.
Track Name: Real Ghost
Gonna get a germ up in your brain'll put your body in the ground. Gonna raise your little voice to God and you will not hear back a sound. Well, it's a fucked up game. I will not play. I wanna be a real ghost one day. Gonna put this drink up in our lips until our livers start to burst. Gonna put this gunk up in our lungs until we're sure it really hurts. Well, I'll fly while you are frying. And I'll roar, I'll soar, I'll go where you are dying. Until I'm a ball of light I'll put up a furious fight because I'm gonna be a real ghost one day.
Track Name: Hope Your Name
There's a look in your eyes I can't say that I've ever seen. Expressions on your face I can't seem to place. Could you tell me what this might mean? When you're silent on the phone I chatter my teeth because you're fading out and you've taken so much of me. Talk and talk. Why can you never answer anything? Why are you dodging me and picking fights with my far-off friends? When you're silent on the phone I devour my nails because I gave you my rising sun and now you're setting sail. I hope it's not like it was all before. Yeah, I hope I never speak your name no more. Chase after her. I'm sure you can see all I could never be. Chase after her because she's a lot of what I just ain't got. So now I'm left to guess just how many words you meant and so I hope I never speak your name again. Hope I never speak your name no more.
Track Name: Understanding
If it feels too strange for you to stay and you can't bear to see my face, I would understand. And though it pains me to say that I'd forsake friendship like this, try to understand. We've all been down this road before. Sometimes they cross in such strange ways. Don't wanna hurt nobody's heart. Sometimes they just seem built to break. I haven't been much of a friend. Haven't been much of anything. I should not have let this end. How did I let this begin? What would I? What should I? How could I? My oh my. If it feels too real, I'll lie and I'll steal. Keep away from me. Don't let me fuck up our relationship. I don't appreciate shit til I've found a way to ruin it. I will find your weakness and I'll hack it into shreds and step over the warm corpse of whatever it is we had.
Track Name: A Series Of Down Endings
Do you remember when I stumbled over to your house and we rang in the new year together? Back then I was just a stupid little boy, too afraid to know any better. I drink to forget but you still keep coming back. Memories of you slip out through the cracks in my head which came as I fell down the wishing well again. You know, I still have everything you gave to me, safe and locked tightly away. Every time I stumble over them my cheeks get red, and I pray they won't someday.
Track Name: Falling Apart
I've been feeling low and sipping on Pinnacle. But as for mountaintops, well, I've been staying off them because I don't wanna see too far ahead. Ants across my countertop. I wish their little hearts would stop and these pieces of my ceiling would rise back into place. I know this house is gonna rot and bees will eat the wood and what is left will never again host another friendly face, so I'll quietly mourn our wasted days. Keeping your muscles all filled up with pills but there's only so much they can do. When you wake up at night screaming out for your life, tell me, what's killing you? Is it the devil or God in his heaven or something you heard in your youth? Took all the wrong drugs back when you were young, now the medicine is taking you. Scabs across your skin, closing in.
Track Name: Steady Hands
I would say that you were unbelievable and I could not believe in a world that would do that to your heart. Night and day gasping for some air to breathe, that someday this might be shelter for a soul so strong. I could never tell you just how much it means for us to be together as the world grows colder. Leave your teardrops on my shoulder. I could never tell you just how much it means for us to be together as our eyes grow older. Leave my teardrops on your shoulder. I was told many years ago that we are dust in a great wind and I know it settles down in the end. I swear I won't go out as a swept-away echo of some dead skin, but as a raging desert sand. Decades swim through ancient lands inside us towards what we could have if we'd been blessed with steady hands but we are young and clearly damned so we will make a mess of this and build up our regrets until we're smothered under lives that could have been.