Sky High b​/​w We Found Love

by Our Stars Are Sneakers

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released February 3, 2012

produced by Alex Manescu and Dan Anderson. "We Found Love" written by Calvin Harris, copyright Def Jam.




Our Stars Are Sneakers Pennsylvania

pan-pennsylvanian emo-pop supergroup

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Track Name: Sky High
Please don't disappear just yet if I can't meet your eyes cause the truth is that's a rut I've dug in way too many times. These ribs are like a fortress. An escape hatch down my spine. Darling, would you drop a bomb on me and blow my heart sky high? Call me over winter break. I think we'll find the time. Everything so far away, see it shining through your eyes. Can't find a word to say, I guess I'm doing fine. The earth is steaming, can't you feel it burn sky high? If I could find some passing birds to lift me from this drowning world you'd be the first on my list to come join me on that voyage and if they could not hold both of us then I'd let go and surely drop and fall and fall and fall and never stop. Never stop!